Pfingst Contact Festival Ulm

in Langenau near Ulm from May 30th till June 2nd 2020


The contents are still from 2019, and will be updated soon!





Dear Contact-Community,


Spring is in the air and the warm season is approaching.

We look forward to dancing, celebrating, researching and recognizing who we are with you. In a time of change and reorientation, we want to create meeting spaces in which we can be touched and strengthen each other in our being and growing.


This year's Pfingst-Contact Festival offers great opportunities to experience us in our bodies, in dance, in the encounter and in the community. Being touched in depth, expand access to our body and being, develop and refine contact skills, sing, laugh, cry and be held.


We are happy to extend our annual Retreat and to open the possibility for 4 days of Contact Improvisation Indoors and Outdoors with Water Contact, Bodywork, Sharing and Singing. A lake nearby and its surrounding meadows are inviting us for swimming and dancing around. An opportunity to experience this wonderful danceform in community and nature. Furthermore different Workshops, focussed and open Jams will take place.




Wiesenthalhalle Langenau (near Ulm)

89129 Langenau, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany

Facebook Event 2020:

Looking forward to dancing with you soon!

The Team